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ZED Support Ltd provides first class servicing, repairs and spare part supplies to laser engraving companies worldwide. We specialise in the Lüscher Flexo FlexPose!direct systems (FPD301, FPD302, FPD602, FPD250L) and the ZED Instruments generation of engraving systems, including the ZEDMini, FlexoMaster, ZEDCO Rapide and ZEDCO Universal. We offer a number of software / hardware enhancements to existing laser engraving systems. We also assist in the sale or acquisition of used laser engraving systems for the Flexo, Dry-Offset, Letter Press, Anilox and Rotary Screen markets.

ZED Support Ltd are an approved supplier for parts and service on all the obsolete CO2 Electrox laser systems worldwide. We supply parts for the M500, N500, M800, L1000, N1000, M1200, L1500, M1500 and N1500 Electrox Lasers, as well as support all Stork Print customers with Electrox lasers.

ZED Support Ltd are also approved service providers for the Coherent J-series range of CO2 lasers (J3 & J5). We also arrange repairs & refurbishment for the obsolete K-series range.


ZED Support Ltd provides world-wide service and spare parts for most types of laser engraving systems. Our engineers have many years of experience working with the complete range of systems used in the engraving of Ceramic Anilox and Flexographic printing rollers and Rotary nickel screens for textile printing, manufactured by ALE (Applied Laser Engineering), Stork (STK / SPGPrints) and ZED Instruments (ZEDCO). Our services include major overhauls of laser generator units, including replacement of glassware, electrodes, cathodes, optics, etc... As an additional part of the overhaul service, we also carry out a full resonator cavity alignment to ensure that optimum laser beam power and quality is restored. We also offer Acousto-Optic-Modulator upgrades for these lasers to significantly improve laser switching speed and engraving quality.

ZED Support Ltd provide support for the Electrox laser source connected to the Stork STK systems.

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